Guardian Nurses
New services available
the DC21 RN, backed by a team of registered nurses, is ready 
to respond whenever you or your family are struggling with a 
healthcare issue.
Strugling with a healthcare issue? 
Call the DC21 RN...
Tel. 484-684-8526
The DC21 RN can:
VISIT YOU AT HOME or in the hospital to assess your care needs.
BE YOUR GUIDE, coach and advocate for any healthcare issue.
MAKE APPOINTMENTS so you can be seen as quickly as possible.
GO WITH YOU to see doctors, to ask questions and to get answers.
IDENTIFY PROVIDERS for all care needs and second opinions.
RESOLVE PROBLEMS with billing claims and health insurance.
GET THINGS YOU NEED such as healthcare equipment.
PROVIDE DECISION SUPPORT when you are thinking about treatments and surgery.
EXPLAIN A NEW DIAGNOSIS to help you make informed decisions.
COACH AND SUPPORT YOU through the challenges of chronic disease.

Who is eligible
The services of the DC21 RN are available to members of DC21 and their covered dependents. All services are free and confidential.

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